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How NeckPro™ is helping Aussies treat neck pain

Woman with TheraNeck Pro


Do you ever finish a hard day's work and say to yourself “Wow, doesn’t my neck feel relaxed, loose, and stress-free!”? Ha, never, right? We know the feeling. After a hard day, you deserve to relax. We’re talkin’ that sippin’ french champagne in an aromatic bath filled with rose petals kind of relax. Can you remember the last time you kicked back without feeling like you were still bearing the weight of the week on your shoulders? No? Then it’s about time we met. 💆‍♀️


Is it work stress? Poor posture? Plain-old wear and tear? If you’re experiencing neck and shoulder pain, tightness, or pinching, it might just be worth your while to try something new. Perhaps TheraNeck™ Pro is the solution to provide fast and effective treatment to those everyday aches and strains, from the comfort of your couch, or your desk, you can literally take it anywhere.


We’ve combed through verified reviews for the TheraNeck™ Pro to find out exactly why our customers love it, and how it achieves such high levels of relaxation and relief. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference you can make to that nagging pain and tightness in just 15 minutes a day. To be the best you, it's vital to invest in your neck health, after all, that is where your head sits!

 TheraNeck Pro - Rose

“I wasn’t entirely sure about this, but I was eager to try something new for my neck pain. I tried this neck massager and fell in love! It really worked for me, I’ve been using it every day now for a few months! Really happy with my purchase” - Trisha J.

We’ve had customers come to us with just about every different kind of neck pain you can think of. Experts have hailed the TheraNeck™ Pro a ‘game changer’ for it’s portable and innovative dual-action design. We’ve developed TrueTENS™ technology to pinpoint and target the root of the tension in the neck (along with its connected muscles and tendons), to provide fast and effective relief from knots, tightness, soreness, and even spasms.


“It’s great! I take it with me in my handbag most places, it's fantastic that I can grab it out and use it while I’m working away at my desk, and the heating is 🔥🔥” - Sharon - H

TheraNeck™ Pro is designed to be used on the go! Our customers love using it at work, on the couch, literally anywhere! Just switch TheraNeck™ Pro on, find the perfect setting for you, then get back to focusing on what matters. The dual action of heating and massage from our unique TrueTENS™ Technology makes you feel like 🥰


“The biggest problem I have with this currently is that my wife keeps stealing it.. I think I’ll be buying more lol” - Jonathan R.

We would be lying if we said we didn’t have the same issue 😅 Luckily TheraNeck™ Pro comes in 3 colours to suit all styles, and is safe for the whole family to use. 👨‍👩‍👦


“The different massage modes are great for my husband and I! We love that we can both adjust it to suit each other, we’ve both noticed a difference since we started using the massager” - Jenny V.

With 3 unique massage modes and 15 intensity settings, it’s easy to find the perfect combination that works for you to target the root of your neck pain. Some of us like its full intensity, others aren’t so daring, there’s a perfect setting for you, too!


“I’m addicted to this thing. In fact, I’m using it right now” - Tony P.

We hear you! Some days we use it in the office and forget the TheraNeck™ Pro is still there after it turns itself off… 😅


Whew! Crawling through these reviews is hard work. We’re calling it a day for now, I think it’s time to sit back, relax, and get that 15-minute fix that only our Pro neck massager can provide. 💆‍♀️


If you’re curious about the TheraNeck™ Pro and want to give it a try, grab one today with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Shop the TheraNeck™ Pro now